Sunday, 31 January 2010

BT Community Care Forums

Last Wednesday, BT launched its revamped peer to peer support forum as the BT Care Community Forums.

Aside from a few minor teething problems and a growing wish-list of features that need adding or revising, first impressions are rather pretty good. I'm sure many of the niggles will be sorted out and, given a few weeks or months, the forums will be much more usable than their predecessors. So BT are to be congratulated on something of a success.

If you've never visited the Forums before, you might want to do so now. If ever you've had a question about your BT Broadband, it might be the place to find the answer - there are some very sharp folks around with a wealth of experience.

Less pleasing have been the early responses on the Forums to some very legitimate customer concerns about unwanted targeted advertising, tracking, back-doors being left in the BT HomeHub firmware and privacy issues in general. The locking of threads and constant references back to the forum's Terms and Conditions has a horrible resonance of the Phorm debacle that ran from 2007 until last year.

I really, really hope we are not going back to the bad-old-days. I suppose the next week or so will tell.

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Having had some major problems with my own broadband service, I understand how others struggle to get help from BT.

There is a lot of good information out there, but it can be hard to find. So this blog is an attempt to pull some of it together, in one place.

It's a blog that really shouldn't be needed - if only BT and possibly other ISP's in the UK, provided useful customer support.