Sunday, 19 July 2009

Xbox 360 Live, BT HomeHub 2.0 and Strict NAT Problems

One of the most frequent questions on the various web forums that deal with BT broadband concerns the Xbox 360 Live. How do you get it to connect to the internet through a BT Homehub 2.0 with an 'Open' NAT (Network Address Translation) setting. Frequently people find the NAT setting is 'Strict' and remains 'Strict' whatever they do.

Assuming you have a BT HomeHub 2.0, then getting this sorted out is fairly straightforward.

Firstly, If you've been playing around with your HomeHub 2.0 settings, it might be best to do a Factory reset on the HomeHub. Then make sure that your Xbox is set to get its IP address automatically and NOT manually.

You shouldn't need to change any settings on the HomeHub to get Xbox 360 to work. In particular, you do NOT need to add any Xbox Live Services to the HomeHub. However, it is worth checking that the HomeHub is set up to use UPnP

You can do this as follows:

1. Navigate to the HomeHub page by entering: into your browser.
2. Then click "Advanced" - at the bottom of the left hand list.
3. Click on "Continue to advanced".
4. Enter your user name and password and click "OK".
5. You will now be in the Configuration section, click "Application Sharing".
6. You will see a sub-menu appear underneath, click on "UPnP".
7. Tick the box saying "Use UPnP" and then "Apply" to the right of the screen.

When you've done all this, turn everything off, including the HomeHub and leave it for a couple of minutes.

Finally, turn on the router, then the PC, and lastly the Xbox. You should now have an Xbox360 Live with an Open NAT.

If you have a BT HomeHub 1.0 or 1.5, then these instructions will not work!


Anonymous said...

I did as you said to change NAT from strict to open however, this didn't work. I then changed it to not use uPnP and I now have open NAT.

Anonymous said...

I followed the instuctions the other day I also clicked on something to do with the DMZ settings....everything worked spot evening it went back to strict...I have tried doing again to no avail... I will check my xbox settings later to check that it is set to get"IP address automatically "

Come Feb I am out of contract with BT and will deffo be changing my provider

Birdy said...

I followed this and although the "Use PnP" seemed to be already ticked 'On', I still clicked it again and then hit 'apply'. Switched off etc. Not holding out much hope (as it appeared to be already switched on) I restarted everything and hej presto it had worked! Thank you. First time anything from BT has worked.

Anonymous said...

I did it and it worked for a while then changed to strict again. I then change the DMZ settings and it worked for a while after that aswell, but then changed back to strict and there is nothing i can do to change it back. Please help me, do you know if there is anything at all i can do now?

Having had some major problems with my own broadband service, I understand how others struggle to get help from BT.

There is a lot of good information out there, but it can be hard to find. So this blog is an attempt to pull some of it together, in one place.

It's a blog that really shouldn't be needed - if only BT and possibly other ISP's in the UK, provided useful customer support.