Thursday, 23 April 2009

RouterStats Just Gets Better

I wrote about RouterStats a couple of posts ago, but over the last few weeks it has got even better with many more functions designed for the Netgear DG series routers mentioned in the last post.

It's tempting to say that if you have internet problems and a bit of spare cash, it would be worth picking up one of these classic routers, just to be able to run RouterStats with its full functionality. There are some real bargains to be had at the moment and you should be able to pick one up for under £50.

The latest release version, RouterStats 5.0d, now allows you to produce a graph of the router bitloading, the signal to noise ratio in each of the frequency "bins" and the signal attenuation - as shown in the screen shot at the top of the page and the blow-up of the actual trace at the bottom. These are all useful bits of information to have when you are hit with a line fault. Click on either to see the detail.

There are also a raft of other forms of data that you can capture and present graphically: Rx and Tx (receive and transmit!) Sync speed and noise margin, Rx and Tx SF/RS errors, and Rx CRC errors, errored seconds and losses of framing.

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Palantir said...

There has been a flurry of activity on the RouterStats site over the last few days with a few new versions. The latest version is 5.0f1 which seems to be very stable and has all the features of the earlier version.

Having had some major problems with my own broadband service, I understand how others struggle to get help from BT.

There is a lot of good information out there, but it can be hard to find. So this blog is an attempt to pull some of it together, in one place.

It's a blog that really shouldn't be needed - if only BT and possibly other ISP's in the UK, provided useful customer support.